Welcome to our Nursery.

   Here is where we spend most of our time during breeding season! We have several incubators including Grumbach, Alpha Genesis, Avitech as well as our own designed brooders.


   This is a brooder we built for babies. It is 6’ wide and 30”D x30”H

It has 4 circulating fans as well as filters and temperature controls. The shelves are adjustable.

   Here you will notice we have an 8’ wide area behind sliding doors where the babies are placed as they continue to grow.

Text Box:    As eggs or babies are brought in from the breeding areas, each one is numbered and a tag is placed on the tub. This identifies which nestbox each baby is from and what species it is. As it grows, we place a leg band on each baby to identify it either for future breeding or for it’s future owner. With this information, we can track it’s age and any other information that is needed.
  All records are kept on computer and is backed up. We have a handfeeding chart for each baby being handfed in the nursery. This includes the time of feeding, weight, and amount fed.

Species at our Facility

We use an Alpha—Genesis egg incubator pictured here.

Below is our egg Hatcher we designed.

     Rosella, Fred’s mother, visits the nursery. The babies are checked and given her ‘kiss’ of approval.

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