Golden Heat Brooders

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This is our small brooder. The inside measurements are  9”x9”x9” It has a small door on the top within the main lid. The controller is mounted under a clear plexiglass so the babies can be viewed without opening the lid and loosing the heat inside. There are vents on the sides of the brooder for fresh air and oxygen for the babies to breath when the lid is completely closed. The controller is Digital and can be adjusted for the temperature you prefer. The unit is 12 volt and comes with a cigarette lighter plug. It can then be plugged into a car outlet or a 110 volt converter is provided so you can run the unit in your home.

This is our Medium size brooder. It is a 28 quart size unit. The interior measurements are 9”x9”x14”. This is a nice size for transporting babies to vet appointments or to bird fairs etc. Units have fresh air vents on sides so the lid may be closed without any problems to babies.  It operates on 12 volt. It comes with an inverter for your cigarette lighter. It also comes with a 110 volt adapter for home use.

This is our largest unit. It is a 120 quart unit. This unit runs on 110 volt house current. It has a large fan and heat output for quick heat recovery.

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 Medium Brooder 

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Our brooders come with a full one year warrantee!