Breeding Facility

   We raise several endangered species. Due to the elimination of much of these species’ natural habitat, the only future for some of these birds are through aviculturists producing them in captivity. Deforestation for the lumber and planting crops in parts of the land have left no where for some of the most beautiful birds in the world to live and survive.

Species at our Facility

   We produce some of the sweetest babies you will find. Each one is a special creation and we give them the best attention we can.

  This flight cage houses our breeding Rose Breasted Cockatoo’s. This flight is 20’x20’x9’ and houses 14 breeders.

   An aerial view of the natural forests where many of the birds we enjoy originated.  As you can see, their natural habitat is quickly becoming bare ground caused from deforesting of the trees. The picture on the right shows the land after much rain—and no trees. The land is now useless!

Text Box: Our Babies are homegrown in Parrotdise—Lakeland, Florida

Queen of Bavaria’s

Text Box: Many more pictures of our breeding facility coming soon.
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