How it all started.

About Us

Text Box:      In 1979 I received a pair of Zebra Finch from my sister. They produced! After a few short months, I had more babies then I knew what to do with. It was then that I realized my interest in birds and decided to get a baby Cockatiel  for a pet.
   There was a guy who bred them in another town and so I went and purchased a grey male. I only had it a few days when while flying in it’s cage, apparently hit a toy and fatally injured itself. I was devastated and knew I had to get another one. I told my wife I was going to go get another bird from the breeder. I called the guy and made arrangements to meet him the next morning.
  My younger brother was visiting and I invited him to go with me to get the bird. When we arrived, he invited us in. As we went through the house toward the utility room where he raised his birds, I noticed he had moved all his furniture out of the house. I looked at the young birds in the cage and fell in love with a Lutino Male. I asked him the price and he stated $100.00 I also noticed another one in a separate cage and he stated he would take $100.00 for it as well. 
   As we were talking about the birds, I mentioned that it appeared he was moving. He stated that the company he worked for had moved to the northern part of the state which was about 100 miles away and so he was moving with them. While I was getting out my money for the 2 Lutino’s, I asked him if he was taking all the birds with him. No, he stated, “I can’t have them in the house. I will be renting it, so I am going to take the birds to my dad’s garage until I find someone to buy them”. He said he knew his dad wasn’t going to like the idea of birds taking over his garage! I asked him what he was asking for all the birds and he said if he could sell them before he had to move them, he would take $325.00 for the 23 Cockatiels and the 12 Parakeets.
  I agreed to purchase the birds and after using a utility room for a season, I built a building so I could enlarge my space to raise birds.
  I eventually opened a Pet Store with only Exotic Birds in a shopping center, known as Small Talk Bird Distributors. The business grew very quickly and after 11 months there, the shopping center burned to the ground caused by another store. I was overwhelmed at loosing over 600 birds to the fire. I was thankful to be able to save 42 birds, mostly small birds.
   I then began to look for another facility and leased a closed Chrysler/Dodge dealership. Breeding facilities were built as well as a new showroom, and after 3 months of building, we reopened Small Talk. Our 2 day open house seen over 600 persons through the door! Soon we were the largest Exotic Bird Store in the state of Indiana! 
   The business grew through dedication to our birds as well as the service we provided to our customers. I have always enjoyed helping those who wanted to get into raising birds. 
  In 1998 we sold our store and moved to Florida where we now reside. We purchased a 55 acre ranch where we raise several species of birds. Our main business now is producing birds for other Pet stores as well as some individuals.
   Over 30 years and thousands of babies later, I have realized that I'm hooked on birds! I can say that it has been the most rewarding business that I have ever attempted. It is rewarding to see the babies grow up to be such sweet pets and to give me the love I have had for them all these years. 

Text Box:      Marlene and I were married on August 31, 2013
After the death’s of our spouses.

   Marlene has worked in the medical field for several years and retired this past August.  She enjoys living in the country and working with the birds.
    Tamara Kay is our only child and pretty much keeps her mom and dad in line!
    Fred serves on the Board of Directors of the American Federation of Aviculture  (AFA) as well as Regional Director over Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. He is the AFA Disaster Relief Coordinator helping exotic bird facilities impacted by a disaster through out the United States. Fred also serves on the  Board of Directors of the Florida Federation of Aviculture  (FFA) as well as several committee’s dealing with aviculture.
     Fred is a Certified Avian Specialist through PIJAC as well as an AFA Certified Aviculturist I.
     He spends his remaining time working on the ranch caring for the birds and cattle. Building new cages as well as repairing others takes a big part of his time. There is always the yard and pastures to mow or fences to mend, but he enjoys doing it all as he loves working outdoors in Florida.

Species at our Facility

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