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American Federation of Aviculture (AFA)

Legislative updates as well as information about the organization.

To learn more about Aviculture, you are invited to visit the following websites.

Bird Theft

This is a website devoted just to Bird Theft. It is full of information including how to avoid having your birds stolen. Security measures are discussed as well. A great site to learn more about this subject.

Florida Federation of Aviculture (FFA)

This is the Florida state organization. It has upcoming state legislation as well as other interests for Florida residence.

Advocates for Bird Conservation

This organization works with Bird Conservation programs

Imperial bird Club

This is our local Bird Club website. Ramona is President.

Fundamentals of Aviculture

This is an online aviculture course. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate acknowledging you as an AFA Certified Aviculturist Level I

Text Box: Avian Information Center

Species at our Facility

The Story of Two Cockies

A love story that has touched the World!

   This is the love story of two Galerita Galerita Cockatoo’s. How a male in the wild overcame the disability of a female who couldn’t fly, and unlocked her boundaries to produce a beautiful baby!

Proposed Pet Legislation

and its description

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)

Below you will find updated information on

HR 669

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The following articles were written by Dr. Susan Clubb.