Welcome to MY own webpage!

In my spare time I do different things including embroidering shirts, tote bags, Checkbook covers,  or any of several other items for customers.

I have a list of birds I embroidery or I do custom orders as well.

Watch soon for my full line of items I have available.

Please contact me about special orders.

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Homemade Jellies, Apple Butter, Pickles and other items. Warning: Once you taste them you will want more!

Ramona Kay Smith

Ramona’s Embroidery

and other Crafts

Species at our Facility

Jean Pattison aka The African Queen –shows off her outfit. Ramona embroidered the African Grey feathers on the pants and jacket.

Large wall picture of a customers’ pet birds I embroidered for them.

Back View

Top View

Feather Pins

Made by Ramona

Apple Butter

Strawberry Preserves


Bread and Butter Pickles

Ramona Kay Smith

Dear Readers:

   Last July 30th, 2012 at 8:52 pm, my wife went to be with the Lord after 10 months of  fighting cancer. Her craft’s room is silent. All the machines are sitting idle waiting for her special commanding touch.

   I have found it hard to remove this her page, so for now it will remain as a symbol of her enjoyment in crafts. I want to thank everyone who has been her faithful craft customers. It was fun to see the excitement on her face when she would complete sometimes a difficult project that took many hours to do, and the customer was completely satisfied!                                        Be sure to visit her Memorial on the front page.         Fred Smith

Ramona’s crafts booth at the Hay Exchange show.